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Angular 8 - Installation

This chapter explains about how to install Angular 8 on your machine. Before moving to the installation, let’s verify the prerequisite first.


As we know already, Angular is written in TypeScript. We need Node and npm to compile the files into JavaScript after that, we can deploy our application. For this purpose, Node.js must be installed in your system. Hopefully, you have installed Node.js on your machine.

We can check it using the below command −

node --version

You could see the version of node. It is show below −


If Node is not installed, you can download and install by visiting the following link −

Angular 8 installation

Angular 8 CLI installation is based on very simple steps. It will take not more than five minutes to install.

npm is used to install Angular 8 CLI. Once Node.js is installed, npm is also installed. If you want verify it, type the below command

npm -v

You could see the version below −


Let’s install Angular 8 CLI using npmas follows −

npm install -g @angular/cli@^8.0.0

To verify Angular 8 is properly installed on your machine, type the below command −

ng version

You could see the following response −

Angular CLI: 8.3.26 
Node: 14.2.0 
OS: win32 x64 
Angular: ... 
Package                    Version 
@angular-devkit/architect  0.803.26 
@angular-devkit/core       8.3.26 
@angular-devkit/schematics 8.3.26 
@schematics/angular        8.3.26 
@schematics/update         0.803.26 
rxjs                       6.4.0